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Participant 6 – OTTO-Friedrich Universitaet Bamberg (Germany)

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The University of Bamberg is a medium-sized institution whose academic profile is formed by the core areas of the humanities, social sciences, economics and business administration, and the human sciences. These are rounded out by programmes in application-oriented computer science. Interdisciplinary research activities and the flexibility to combine various degree programmes contribute to the university’s distinguished place in Germany’s academic landscape.

The Chair of Computer Science, Mobile Software Systems/Mobility is a new research group within the Faculty of Information Systems and Applied Computer Sciences. Its main research focus is active data management for distributed sensor-based application in various application fields, enabling the “smartness” in smart factories, smart homes or smart cities.

Thus, University of Bamberg contributes to the main ICT related challenges in the proposal and leverages “big data” technologies from the smart sensors, data-fusion, quality-aware data processing for imprecise computing, and real-time monitoring.

Key tasks and expertise

University of Bamberg will lead WP3 and contribute to the distribution of the technical information and knowledge that will be produced from the use of the process simulator. University of Bamberg will create a knowledge-based system that will receive the simulation results as input and organise the information in order to provide an easy tool for accessing the simulation results, using them for the design of the process and finally enabling the training of personnel at the end users sites in the MW heating process.