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Participant 7 – Faurecia Automotive Composites (France)

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Faurecia Automotive Composites (FAC), a division of Faurecia SA, and the sixth largest automotive supplier worldwide, is a market leader in injection and compression moulding technologies. FAC completed a takeover of SORA Composites in July 2012, a company which has developed and manufactured composite parts for more than thirty years. FAC provides specialist know-how in the design and production of composite parts reinforced with glass or carbon fibre. The range of FAC manufacturing processes (thermostamping, RTM, SMC, IMC etc) and tooling technologies allows it to adapt to specific customer requirements regarding production rates, volumes and desired functions.

With a permanent emphasis on quality and productivity, FAC providesexterior and structural parts for the major automakers and industrial vehicles manufacturers.

The long experience and continuing development of FAC’s processes gives significant technical advantages to their customers, such as design freedom and flexibility, dimensional stability, optimized mechanical properties, lightweight products, Class A painting, and production industrialization for large and small composite parts.

The technical management of an experienced and flexible team allows FAC to achieve the required design, research and development and tooling for their customers, including Renault, Ford, PSA, Aston Martin, McLaren, Mercedes, Audi and Tesla Motors). This is done in liaison with a European-wide commercial network in France, UK, Italy and Germany.

The desire to be competitive brings with it an ever-present awareness of the importance of quality. Certification to ISO 9001 version 2000, EAQF, QS9000, ISO TS and ISO 14001 are, for FAC, the steps to continuous progress and a guarantee of total quality. FAC’s R&D centre integrates experts in the technical fields of carbon fibres thermoset and thermoplastic resins, preforming, RTM process, process and structural analysis.

Key tasks and expertise

FAC will be the automotive end user of the SIMUTOOL project. FAC will be in charge of the manufacturing of the automotive demonstrator part, as described in Task 6.1.