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Participant 3 – Ecole Centrale De Nantes (France)

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The GeM Institute (UMR-C 6183) at Ecole Centrale de Nantes (ECN) develops advanced model and simulation from the microscopic to the macroscopic level for composite material processing. The GeM Institute is a Joint Research Unit (JRU – UMR 6183), and its legal representatives are ECN, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), and Université de Nantes (UN). All the scientific work will be carried out in the GeM Institute at ECN, although the costs of the project will be supported by the members of the JRU and Centrale Innovation (C-Innov, subsidiary of ECN), as C-Innov will assure the financial management on behalf of the JRU.

The beneficiary ECN also represents its associated third party, C-Innov, a spin-off company and hence covered in the special cases (C-Innov: PIC 998019033). The involvement of this third party is governed by a prior agreement between ECN and its affiliate C-Innov (“Convention-cadre” last version dated April 2009). This framework agreement between ECN and C-Innov is not specific to the ICP4Life project. C-Innov is to be considered as “a Foundations, spin-off companies, etc., created in order to manage the administrative tasks of the beneficiary”, as foreseen by the EC in the H2020 Annotated Model Grant Agreement – Article 12. C-Innov acts on behalf of ECN, the beneficiary of the project, for the administrative and financial management of every cost engaged by the partner. The coordinator pays the EU contribution directly to the third party and not to the beneficiary. As a consequence, in the accounts of the beneficiary, there is no trace of any reimbursement from the beneficiary to the third party. Even though there is no transfer between the beneficiary and the third party, the work of the third party is not carried out without reimbursement, and there is a reimbursement of costs directly from the coordinator. Thus, the costs will not be considered as receipts.

This will imply during the project that:

  • ECN remains the partner of the present project, and will thus fill in the financial forms needed for the management report. This will include the costs of the permanent people working on the project as well as the use of infrastructure/equipment belonging to ECN.
  • The personnel hired for the project by C-Innov work on the premises of ECN and under its responsibility.
  • All the costs supported by C-Innov will be recorded in the C-Innov accounts, and charged by ECN in its Form C. These costs will therefore not be considered as receipts.
  • ECN and C-Innov will prepare and submit (if needed), a Certificate on Financial Statement as requested by the EC Financial guidelines.

Key tasks and expertise

ECN will lead the modelling and simulation activities of the project through leading WP1. The modelling of the electromagnetic field coupled with the heat transfer phenomena that take place in all the parts inside the MW oven will be the focus of ECN’s research and contribution. ECN will work closely with ESI in the translation of these models to a standalone process simulator.