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Participant 8 – Airbus Group SAS (France)

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Airbus Group Innovations (AGI-F) is the Airbus Group’s global research and technology network. In addition to primary locations in Munich/Ottobrunn and Paris/Suresnes, it also has branches in Getafe in Spain, Newport and Filton in UK, Toulouse, Nantes and Méaulte in France, Hamburg, Bremen and Stade in Germany,  Singapore, Bangalore in India, Beijing in China, and Moscow in Russia. Altogether, AGI-F’s international network employs more than 800 people.

AGI-F provides world-class capabilities in aeronautics, defence, and space research topics. Consistent with the Airbus Group’s research and technology strategy and covering the skills and technology fields that are of critical importance to the Airbus Group, AGI-F is organized into seven trans-national Technical Capability Centres: Composites Technologies, Metallic Technologies and Surface Engineering, Structures Engineering, Production and Aeromechanics, Sensors, Electronics and Systems Integration, Engineering, Physics, IT, Security Services and Simulation, Energy and Propulsion, and Innovative Concepts and Scenarios. AGI-F is an operational and strategic entity for the creation of added value by technological innovation. It fosters technological excellence and business orientation through the sharing of competences and means between the various partners of Airbus Group, and it develops and maintain partnerships with world-famous schools, universities and research centres. More information can be found at

Key tasks and expertise

The AGI-F team involved in the project is part of TX1-Composites Technologies, with skills in composite materials and technologies for more than two decades, addressing thermoset composite processing, thermoplastic composite processing, preforming technologies and material science, and multifunctional composite materials. The team has been involved in the development of preforming technologies by fibre placement for nine years, and invested five years ago in their TechnoCampus facility, which is located close to Airbus Nantes’ manufacturing facility, in a robotic placement cell dedicated to Dry Fibre Placement (DAFNé cell).

AGI-F will be the leader of the demonstrator work (WP6). AGI-F will lead the aerospace demonstrator and bring the expertise of automated fibre place to SIMUTOOL in order to assess the feasibility of MW heating in a Liquid Composite Moulding process.